The competitions and celebrations that bind us together.

Upcoming Events

Vancouver Anomaly

On August 25th, the tribes will come together to battle it out on the streets of Vancouver. We haven't lost an anomaly in the Pacific Northwest since 2014. Let's keep the streak going. Register with us right here.

Mission Days

Mission Days are cross-faction events lasting half a day at which we get together to do missions and earn a badge. There are none upcoming in the Pacific Northwest.

Anomaly History

A pretty decent record.

Date Series City Enlightened Resistance
7/4/2013 Save Klue Portland 72 67
10/12/2013 13MAGNUS Vancouver 126 215
10/26/2013 13MAGNUS Seattle 362 510
3/2/2014 GottaCon 2014 Burst Event Victoria 217 22
9/27/2014 Helios Tacoma 313 810
9/27/2014 Helios Vancouver 187 107
6/20/2015 Persepolis Portland 1,376 844
2/27/2016 Obsidian Seattle 58 12
8/26/2017 13MAGNUS Reawakens Portland 241.83 58.17
6 3

Fate of the Thirteen

Our rocks.

During the Fate of the Thirteen event, we had great success scoring shards at the Seattle target. We also worked with our Mountain States siblings to score two more shards that spawned in our vicinity. Unfortunately, we failed to control the Vancouver shard spawn; we have taken this as a lesson on how to cooperate better in the future.

Shard Spawn Portal Target Portal Capturing Faction
#24 Stone Step Fountain (Vancouver, BC) City Hydro Fountain 1962 (Winnipeg, MB) Resistance
#55 Памятник маршалу Жукову (Ufa, Bashkortostan) Adjacent, Against, Upon (Seattle, WA) Enlightened
#67 Kahu O Ka Wai Ola O Hilo (Hilo, HI) Adjacent, Against, Upon (Seattle, WA) Enlightened
#76 Grove Street Illuminated (Boise, ID) Humane Society Fountain (Pasadena, CA) Enlightened
#78 Capt. John Mullan Statue (Missoula, MT) Broken Families (Edmonton, AB) Enlightened